Bright Futures

1. High Performance Culture

High performance teams are highly motivated and show high levels of collaboration and innovation. In an era of rapid change, the ability to be flexible and resilient in the workplace is just as important as having the right skills to undertake the task. So how do we create an environment of high performance, mutual respect and a strong positive culture,that challenges the now with the future in mind? What strategies and tools are needed to create such an environment?

2. Beyond sustainability

More and more, students around the world are demanding leadership that facilitates change to address global sustainability challenges. What do we need to do to stop thinking about sustainability as a thing, but as something that is deeply imbedded into everything we do? How can we drive the fundamental and lasting changes required to adapt and build resilience to climate change and to maintain healthy landscapes and ecosystems.

3. Enriching student experience

How do you educate, inspire and enrich the student experience to encourage self and peer to peer learning, professional integrity and ethical leadership now and into the future? How do we best provide our support services to students, so they have the right tools and more time to shine academically?

4. Blending the physical and the digital

We are moving into a cycle of generation Z students, where digital technology is used from a very young age. Share your ideas on blending the physical and the digital to create considerate and respectful spaces where students can engage or disengage, plug in or plug out. What does teaching and learning look like in the new blended learning environment, and where does BYOD fit into this?

5. Uplifting campus vibe

How do we create activated and vibrant campuses that are places where students and staff want to be? How do we best provide opportunities for continuous learning, social interaction, sport and recreation, and art and cultural experiences? How do we really define “sticky campus”, and how do we achieve this?

6. Inclusion and respect

Share your stories on inter-cultural engagement, how you encourage learners and staff to value, and be respectful of diverse cultures and beliefs, learn from each other and interact effectively in diverse local and global contexts.