Paul Barton
Director, Strategy and Risk, Buildings And Property
Monash University
Paul Barton has had a number of leadership roles at Monash University. Paul has led the Occupational Health and Safety unit for over 14 years, He was responsible for the establishment a new Environmental Sustainability program and team at Monash 9 years ago and also amongst all this led the HR operations team for the university for 6 years.

Today, Paul is responsible for strategic planning, innovation, risk management, communications, OHS, sustainability and client engagement for the Buildings and Property Division of the University. From Buildings and Property, Paul and his team have been at the forefront of the University’s pandemic crisis management, supporting the University in its response and recovery.

Paul is a graduate of Monash University holding a Bachelor of Science and has a Graduate Diploma in Occupational Hygiene.

Prior to joining Monash, he spent 9 years in the automotive industry as an OHS consultant.