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AssetFuture is a company focused on data. We’re more than just a platform. Our cloud-based technology leverages terabytes of data to categorise and model components, asset systems and drive decisions across the life cycle of assets large and small. Our team of consists of asset management specialists, technology experts and data scientists working together to deliver results.

Asset Intelligence is about analysis. It’s deep data on your assets throughout their lifecycle driving the decisions you need. Asset Intelligence leads to significant business benefits. Cost savings, decreases in risk, and an enhanced ability to make strategic decisions for the entire lifecycle.



Diadem is a full-service wayfinding and signage firm, providing a fully integrated project solution that combines design innovation with construction practicality, in order to deliver outstanding architectural signage (including digital), wayfinding strategies and user experience studies, along with all elements of a physically branded environment.

At Diadem we believe good design, clear communication and quality delivery translates to an improved customer experience, consistent and impactful branding and ultimately better and user-centric project results. What this means is that creative solutions are developed with innovation, practicality, future-proof thinking and buildability as key performance outcomes.

We have worked with dozens of education facilities across Australia and NZ and are now operational in Hong Kong and the Asian region. Diadem understands wayfinding, brand identity and public spaces. Our solutions are effective, comprehensive, and create confidence for all users to easily navigate the physical environment.



Replace battery back-up exit signs with ECOGLO Photoluminescent (PL) and Hybrid PL/LED signs. Capitalise on the changes to NCC 2016 E4.8 with a fully integrated design and supply service which includes full compliance documentation. Ecoglo PL products reduce maintenance and electricity costs, and eliminate batteries and subsequent environmental issues. Ecoglo PL systems are failsafe and deliver significant cost and sustainability advantages. Finance deals are available through a managed service agreement. Emergency Visibility (EV) Products include step nosing, handrail strips, path markers, etc. in accordance with NCC EP4.1.



Since the inception of the company, ICAD has been providing consulting services in the design, development and management of information technology systems related to computer applications of the built environment.

The company has established itself as a national leader in the emerging field of Total Infrastructure Facility Management (TIFM) and Enterprise Information Management (EIM).

The strength of ICAD is in providing both professional and technical FM consulting services directed towards database development and migration, integration with financial and human resource systems, web-based dashboard and scoreboard applications and administration and system training.

ICAD is dedicated to delivering the best combination of technological and managerial solutions within dedicated budgets and timeframes, and with the flexibility of multi access web and client-based solutions.

As the largest Australian business partner for ARCHIBUS Inc., ICAD operates globally in alliance with a number of dealers around the world to facilitate intelligent clients’ solutions.



Integrated Facility Management (IFM)is a market leader inFacilities, Asset, Space & Maintenance Management Software Solutions, also specialists insystem integration, this includes the integration of GIS & BIM solutions, providing full support and training.

IFM has developed and commercialised a user friendly web based Spatial Information Solution interface branded SISfm™ for universities that is keenly priced and packed with powerful functionality.

We integrate university business systems and unite departments through a Single secure web portal ‘A Single Source of Truth’ for Staff, Contractors& Management,enabling them to lookup, view and report on geo-referenced, current site and building CAD Plans, data and information, diagrams, documents, photographs and more, optionsinclude solutions for Student & Public; Timetabling lookup &WayFinding, People & Move Management, Fibre Optic & High Tension Network Mapping to mention a few, there’s more!

We’re also Resellers andDistributorsfor the ‘best of breed’ software, such as Archibus/FM, EcoDomusPM & BIM, Cadcorp SIS, GIS and Autodesk.Our portfolio includes 20Universities, Schools, Hospitals, Aged Care Facilities, Transport and Utilities, Correctional Facilities, Councils, State Infrastructure and Corporations.


Living Edge

Living Edge is a firm believer in the importance of investing in the future. Delivering a portfolio of world-class education products, it is our commitment to provide authentic, sustainable furniture to support the leaders of tomorrow today.



MazeMap is is a global leader in digital wayfinding, providing dynamic and linkable campus maps and navigation services – both external and internal building via a scalable and flexible mapping platform.

We attack the problems of digital wayfinding and mapping from a smart campus technology perspective. Leveraging our powerful machine learning processes and in connection to your Space Management systems, MazeMap keeps maps up to date and relevant, providing an interactive map service radically faster than anyone else.

Integrating with existing systems – such as websites, timetables, email systems and student applications, MazeMap can provide your students, staff and visitors with a single mapping platform.


Mosaic Space

Mosaic Space has sophisticated software tools, expertise and a specialist focus on Higher Education space management that empowers facilities decision-making to deliver great educational outcomes. With a proven track record of delivering success in higher education space management in a wide range of academic institutions across the world, our specialist focus helps you to provide facilities that engender good learning experiences. This results in prudent budget management that protects professional reputations.



Profurn Commercial is a fully owned Australian company specialising in the supply and installation of fixed and retractable/telescopic seating for auditoria of all types, including Lecture Theatres, Stadiums, Cinemas, Performing Arts and Multi-Purpose Halls. The range includes not only a choice of design for each application but also a range of finishes to suit varying price points and preferences. Apart from our highly resolved family of ergonomic products, which have been proven in many installations around the globe, we are also able to offer a fully customised design service. This allows our customers the option to design individual products to suit their business needs.



As a leading property services and maintenance provider, you’ll benefit from having just one professionally resourced and experienced supplier for a range of related services, with safe outcomes. Various maintenance programmes and flexible payment options, allow you to get work done when, and how you want it while freeing you to focus on your most important goal – education.

Our services include:

  • Maintenance
  • Building Projects
  • Grounds
  • Landscaping
  • Painting
  • Signage
  • Sustainability
  • Audio Visual
  • Data Communications


Smarter City Solutions

Smarter City Solutions (formerly known as CellOPark Australia) is Australia’s leading provider of integrated parking technologies that are future-proof, sustainable and customer-focused. We are  revolutionising campus on-street and off-street parking by combining best-of-breed systems to create a customised “Smarter Parking” offering. From vPermit utilising Robotic Process Automation to modular infringement issuance and lifecycle management systems. All proven. All integrated. Established in 2008, we were the first to bring a tested and proven pay-by-phone/web/app parking system to Australia. Today we process millions of dollars in parking transactions and provide turnkey solutions. Proud recipients of numerous awards including the 2015 TEFMA award for innovation, Smarter City Solutions’ team have unrivalled knowledge and experience in applying low cost, contemporary, cloud based solutions to the challenge of parking management.



At Spotless, we’re a team of trained specialists that can work with your talented staff to deliver an outstanding environment that meets the needs of a word-class education facility. From over 1,000 primary, secondary and tertiary schools and campuses across Australia and New Zealand, we deliver bundled and individual services, including:

  • Asset maintenance
  • Capital works funding strategies
  • Catering
  • Cleaning
  • Facility management
  • Grounds management
  • Laundry management
  • Materials distribution
  • Pest control
  • Security services
  • Sustainability services
  • Utility services



At UniBank, we believe in the contribution that universities make to our community and to the world.

We value knowledge and discovery and we believe in the power that higher learning has to change minds, to change how things are done.

That’s why we are determined to provide better, smarter financial solutions to the staff, students and graduates of Australian universities and their families.

Want to know more? Visit www.unibank.com.au or call 1800 864 864.

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