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Past TEMCs

The Tertiary Education Management Conference (TEMC) is an annual event.
Click on the links below to download Presentations, Abstracts and Full Papers from previous TEMC’s, and to view past Conference galleries.





1977 Sydney National Policies in Higher Education and Education as a Profession
1978 Melbourne Institute Organisation and Effective Management
1979 Canberra Tertiary Education Administration – The Third Estate
1980 Brisbane Theory at Work
1981 Sydney Planning for Excellence versus the Survival Syndrome
1982 Canberra The Administrator of 1990 – Some Asia Pacific Perspectives
1983 Adelaide Alternatives in Tertiary Education
1984 Melbourne The Realities of Managing Tertiary Education
1985 Brisbane The Implications for Social Change for Tertiary Education
1986 Hobart Innovation in Tertiary Education
1987 Perth Managing Tertiary Education – Learning from the Entrepreneurs
1988 Sydney Tertiary Education Towards 2000 – Challenges and Response
1989 Auckland Reformation and Post Reformation
1990 Canberra The Contribution made by Education Administrators to Tertiary Education
1991 Darwin Tertiary Education: Evolution or Extinction
1992 Ballarat The National System – Uniform, Unified (or Unifizz?)
1993 Gold Coast Think Strategically, Manage Practically
1994 Adelaide Managing Quality
1995 Hobart Partnerships in Tertiary Education
1996 Perth Management Strategy for the New Millennium: Tertiary Education at the Crossroads
1997 Sydney Coming of Age – Finding the Key to the Future
1998 Darwin Walking the Tightrope: Competitive Collaboration
1999 Wellington A Balancing Act: Looking Ahead, Learning from Experience
2000 Melbourne The Selling of Education – New Ways of Doing Business
2001 Canberra Federations of Learning
2002 Brisbane E=MC3 Excellence = Managing Colleagues, Customers and Core Values
2003 Adelaide Public Good and Market Commodity
2004 Hobart Better the DEVIL you know or is it? Dare to Excel, Visualise, Inspire and Lead. Heaven & Hell
2005 Perth Surviving or Thriving: Forging the Way in the New Landscape
2006 Sydney What we Do Makes a Difference Dancing with Stars
2007 Canberra Look to the Future Top Hats & Tiaras
2008 Christchurch Connect to Christchurch: Investing for Success A Boogie Woogie Bash
2009 Darwin The Real Education Revolution – Sustainability in Tertiary Education Crocodile Rock
2010 Melbourne Future Directions Unibelly
2011 Gold Coast Riding the Waves A Tropical Night in Paradise
2012 Adelaide The Right Blend: Innovation & Transformation Legends of Rock
2013 Hobart Trends Tradition & Technology Captains, Convicts, Wenches & Ladies
2014 Cairns Rain Forrest to Reef; Adapting to a Changing Environment A Summer Masquerade
2015 Wollongong Leading Locally Competing Globally Black Tie with a Twist
2016 Auckland From Rhetoric to Reality: The Unexpected Opportunity Casino Royale 7
2017 Melbourne Eureka: Revolutionary Ideas  SteamPunk
2018 Perth
2019 Adelaide
2020 Brisbane
2021 Hobart